Cure Salmon or Steelhead Roe - make your own great bait ... Brines and Commercial Cures for making your own fishing bait Information that can make a difference.
Many Salmon and steelhead fisherman create their own bait from roe of fish they harvest and they have a choice between  kitchen processed or commercial preparations.

There are many brine recipes to cure your eggs that generally consist of a combination of sugar, salt, and borax. There are also additives and dyes to suite any fisherman’s needs or desires.

There is also the multitude of commercial cures that are generally sprinkled on the eggs. They are turned and left in the developing solutions until the liquids are reabsorbed into the eggs. Bingo, you now have super duper cured eggs. Or something like that.... if you believe the labels.
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When brining your eggs use distilled water, non-iodized salt and you might even go so far as to always wear rubber gloves while working with your eggs.

Once you decide on a roe cure stick with it until you KNOW how well it works. I have seen far too many anglers jump from one bait cure to another without having given any of them a fair tryout - this takes time and lots of fishing. At the end of a year or two they really don’t have a clue if anything they have used was even marginally better than any of the other cures they used.

I have fished an experimental cure alongside a proven one for as long as an entire season before I made any decision as to its quality.

Another caution when using cures, use only enough to get the job done…there is something to be said for having too much of a good thing.

A cure that works for Steelhead might not be the choice for Salmon …these two species appear to have different preferences. Study all the options.

These are all simple pointers but they are very important when making a quality product. One other thing I feel needs to be stated…no matter what egg cure you are using it will not make up for poor fishing technique. There is no silver bullet. To catch fish you have to learn to how to fish various waters in various conditions having good bait is just frosting on the cake.

I have added some basic cures to creat quality fishing bait our of your salmon or steelhead roe

Part 2: cures                                      

I am not going to tell you how to cure eggs or which cures to use here. The Internet is full of brine recipes and your local sporting goods store may have any number of different egg cures on the shelf. I am fairly sure any of these brands or methods will work to some degree.

How well they actually work will depend on having good quality, fresh eggs and following the directions for the specific cure.

Eggs need to be as blood free as possible, and ideally cured within 24 hours of fish harvest.