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Violets are a favorite houseplant for millions of people. They are easily obtained from greenhouses, grocery stores, and just about any place that sells potting mix, pots and any other type of houseplant.

it is easy to see why African Violets are such popular plants for the home
Flowers come in many colors, some are doubles and some are variegated in both blossoms and leaves.  There are miniature plants and some lovely varieties that can be as large as dinner plates. With all the  differences in colors and leaf shape and size, . 

After growing violets for a while one may find themselves searching for some of the less common varieties. There are mail order companies that can provide many exotic and different violets.
Too much light the plant will seemingly be growing more compact, the leaves will actually be covering the ones below in a natural shading response. If there is entirely too much sun you are apt to see sun scald spots on those leaves that have been subjected to the  hot intense light. These will look a bit like a sunburn which in fact that is exactly what it is. The skin surface will be dry and browned where the sun burned the leaves.

Too much light or too little will cause the plant to sulk and stop blooming. You may also find that some varieties will be more tolerant in their light needs.
Artificial light, which may be adjusted, is a sure cure for those plants that are a little more finicky.

part 2: Water and bugs
part 3: propagation.

Lighted plant stands such as this one are great places for African Violets. The special lights give plants all the light they need for optimum blooms and growth.
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plant stand with lights are a good home for house plants