No mow lawns/ground covers....drought resistant, No need to fertilize and limited upkeep.
No-mow lawns continued.

Lawns do not have to be grass.

If you can get around the idea that a lawn is grass you can have a couple of other no mow lawn options that are also ecologically sound and very pleasurable to the user.
Hobbs and Hopkins Ltd a company here in the Pacific Northwest puts out a couple of different types of lawn mixes. One is called Pro-Time Fleur de Lawn, developed in conjunction with Oregon State University.  This is a low maintenance lawn requiring little or no mowing, limited or no irrigation and no fertilization after it is established.
This mixture consists of low growing flowering English Daisies and Baby Blue Eyes.  Yarrow millefolium, which has a feather like soft foliage, and Strawberry Clover another low growing plant in the legume family. The clover produces it’s own nitrogen and essentially ‘feeds’ the other plants. 
Included in this mix is a dwarf perennial ryegrass, which is also fine textured and low growing.

This company has another ground cover that is called Fragrant Herbal Lawn Seed Mix.
This again is a sound choice requiring little or no fertilizers, limited watering and mowing depending on preferences. The mixture contains Roman Chamomile, Strawberry Clover and Sweet Alyssum as well as low-growing grasses and other herbaceous plants for a complete ground cover. This lawn has an interesting ‘feel’ and a wonderful sweet fragrance from the Alyssum.

Both are great choices for earth friendly lawn covers and a fantastic way to reduce you lawn care work. 

Hobbs & Hopkins Ltd.